The average nightly rate of a vacation rental is about $217 a night. For beachfront properties, the rates are even higher. Which is why knowing where to find the cheapest beachfront properties is essential to turning over a great profit.

Even if you don't intend to turn your property into a vacation rental, that doesn't mean you have to sell the farm to cash out on your dream of a laid back beach lifestyle.

Here we've put together some essential tips and locations that bring you luxury living at a fraction of the price. Read on to learn more about finding affordable beach property.

The Key to Finding the Cheapest Beachfront Property

cheapest beachfront property

The key to finding the cheapest beachfront property is to look for areas that are underdeveloped. This means finding a location where there's plenty of beach property that has yet to be built on.

While it may seem like finding empty beach lots in the US is impossible, this isn't necessarily the case. Often these areas can be found near bigger, more known towns leaving the outskirt towns unoccupied. Or it may be a town that had a less than desirable reputation that's ready to make a comeback.

There are a number of factors in play that can help you get a prime deal on beachfront properties.

What to Avoid When Buying a Beachfront Property

Often, people are so blinded by the idea of owning beachfront properties that they don't notice some major red flags in their real estate options. Here are some important mistakes to try to avoid when buying a beachfront property:

  • Going over budget for the sake of design
  • Not knowing rental costs and your maintenance costs
  • Not looking into zoning laws
  • Not looking into potential hazards like the direction of wind and storms 
  • Building before buying the right insurance
  • Not calling in a coastal home inspector before purchasing

The Best Picks for Beachfront Property

Cheapest Beachfront Property In the United States

When it comes to buying the perfect beachfront property, knowing where to look is half the battle. Real estate trends move quickly, and what's affordable today can quickly become overprices.

To help you take advantage of the best properties currently on the market, we've put together an in-depth list reviewing some of the cheapest oceanfront properties available.

We strongly suggest taking a weekend trip to any of these coastal towns to get a better idea of the opportunities that are available.

Gulfport, Mississippi

As you'll find in this list, the south is the home of some of the most affordable beachfront in the country. Which is why you don't want to miss out on the laid back town of Gulfport, Mississippi.

With a median home price of $116,200, the town has attracted young families looking for the perfect blend of suburban comfort and sunny beach life. The town also features an eclectic mix of restaurants and bars to enjoy on weekends after a long day at the beach.

Pensacola, Florida

While many Americans dream of relocating to the Florida coast, many are unaware of one of it's most gorgeous and affordable cities. You might have recognized Pensacola from Wings of Gold, a Florida based tv program.

However, Pensacola has since risen to become an upbeat, diverse, and exciting city. With a median home price of $145,700, it's the ideal location for young residents that enjoy an active nightlife at an affordable price.

Biloxi, Mississippi

Another Mississippi gem, Biloxi, Mississippi captures the beauty of Venice beach at a fraction of the price. With a median home price of $149,100, Biloxi is an ideal blend of nightlife and large retirement worthy properties.

While Hurricane Katrina once caused massive destruction in this town, it's come back better than ever with a variety of restaurants, bars, casinos, and easy beach access. Wildlife lovers will enjoy the stunning nature views of the Pascagoula River in addition to the deep blue ocean views.

Port Arthur, Texas

Who knew cozy waterfront properties can be found in Texas? Not only that but at an unbelievable price. Port Arthur, Texas holds a median home price of $64,300. On the port line between Texas and Louisiana, Port Arthur stretches across several coastal points.

While the town is fairly small, those who enjoy exploring nature will love checking out nearby national Parks like Sea Rim State Park and Texas Point National Wildlife Refuge.

Bay St. Louis, Mississippi

Those looking for the Bayou Cajun life should check out Bay St. Louis, Mississippi. This town has a bit of everything with the perfect price tag. With a median home price of $161,300, residents can enjoy a New Orleans vibe that's ideal for the whole family.

You'll find the quaint town is loaded with antique shops, galleries, and unique restaurants that appeal to the creative arts community. It's also an easy commute to Louisiana and the Gulf of Mexico.

Ocean Springs, Mississippi

Quiet, beautiful, and full of artsy residents, the quiet town of Ocean Springs, Mississippi is a great place to settle down and feel the breeze on your face.

With a median home price of $151,500 this town gives you your money worth and then some. Residents of Ocean Springs never feel landlocked as exotic islands and paradise locations are just a short boat ride away.

Freeport, Texas

Another Texas stunner. Freeport is one of the State's most active fishing ports where seafood lovers can find a cozy home at a median price of $71,000. Located between Houston and the Gulf of Mexico, Freeport offers diversity as residents can pick between a night on the town or a relaxing beach getaway.

Not only are the homes here affordable, but they are also beautiful, with the average home consisting of five bedrooms.

Daytona Beach, Florida

Many are surprised to discover that you can still buy a home at a great price in Daytona Beach. While the Florida town still attracts many tourists each year, you can still find homes here at a median price of $112,000.

The town's location is also ideal for families, that can easily visit Orlando for the weekend. While Daytona Beach once held a more "party like" reputation, the town has grown up and is now the home of many budding families.

Fort Pierce, Florida

Being able to stroll down the pier with a cup of coffee in hand doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. In fact, you can get a sought after piece of prime Florida real estate for the median price of $89,000.

Fort Pierce is located on what natives call the treasure coast thanks to its perfect positioning. Residents enjoy being directly in the middle of Miami and Orlando, making it easy for a night on the town or a family friendly day trip.

Melbourne, Florida

Florida makes this list again with a town that is often considered one of the best beaches in the state. Melbourne, Florida offers gorgeous coastal views at a median home price of $125,000. You'll find that despite its affordable price, many tourists are drawn to this luxury location.

It's also a wonderful place to raise a family with options like the famous Brevard Zoo and exotic barrier reefs.

Fort Walton Beach, Florida

Fort Walton Beach can easily be considered Florida's best-kept secret. The town offers luxury resort views at a small town price. In fact, the average home in this ocean surrounded getaway is priced at about $159,600.

An added perk to this location is that it still has plenty of space that has yet to be developed, which means homeowners can purchase beach front property without having to break the bank. 

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Oceanfront Property

Myrtle Beach SC currently have the best values anywhere in the nation for oceanfront properties! Southern comfort meets beach paradise in South Carolina's own Myrtle Beach. While this town hasn't always received the greatest accolades, in recent years they have significantly invested in the beautification of the town.

The town now features sparkling new boardwalks that stretch over a mile in length. They've also become more family-friendly offering up a number of activities for the kids. With 60 miles of undeveloped oceanfront property, this is another destination that can make the dream of living on the beach a reality.

Residents of Myrtle Beach will never run out of things to do in the town that boasts over 1700 restaurant, 100 golf courses and miles upon miles of white sand beaches.

Gulf Shores, Alabama

Alabama is gradually growing to become a new hipster hot spot, and Gulf Shores is clear evidence of it. You may have heard of Gulf Shores, Alabama before as the home of the annual Hangout Music Festival. However, you may not have known that this beachfront town offers homes at a median price of $236,300.

In addition to stunning views, you'll also find a rapidly evolving food scene, plenty of bike trails, a well-kept state park, and even a historic brewery.

Coos Bay, Oregon

Love hiking, white water rafting, and being surrounding by nature? This can be your everyday life if you choose to live in Coos Bay, Oregon. The adventurist paradise features homes at a median price of $166,000.

Coos Bay is also home to Several state parks including Sunset Bay State Park, known for its seaside cliffs and hiking trails. Beer lovers will also enjoy some of Oregon's most noteworthy breweries, including 7 Devils Brewing house.

Port Angeles, Washington

For many, the idea of Washington paints a picture of grey skies and rainy days. While that might be true for some regions, other areas of Washington still boast a beachy relaxed vibe that's perfect for homeowners. One such area is Port Angeles, Washington, home of Olympic natural parks and houses with a median price of $188,300.

Here, residents can enjoy a relaxing beach atmosphere with a historic town center featuring a number of restaurants and pubs.

Lake Worth, Florida

If you're looking for a bustling town with plenty to do, Lake Worth, Florida may take you by surprise. This isn't your grandparents Florida. With a thriving art scene, eclectic downtown area and a number of shops and galleries, this beach town has a little something for everyone.

Not to mention the attractive real estate price tags, with homes selling at a median price of $151,000. Residents will enjoy festivals, chalk murals, and countless waterfront dining options.

Hobe Sound, Florida

Looking for Miami vibes at a fraction of the cost? Hobe Sound, Florida attracts vacationers and residents alike with beachside living at a bargain.

House hunters will find a median home price of $220,900 here and will enjoy the abundance of nature, turquoise waters, and championship golf courses. 

Matlacha, Florida

Bahama lovers will adore Matlacha, Florida, the quiet Florida town that feels like you've arrived in Jamaica. This small fishing village is brimming with real estate opportunities with a median home price of $184,800.

Residents will enjoy days filled with vibrantly colored house, endless beaches, and a relaxed slow pace lifestyle. It's the perfect taste of Key West without the jaw-dropping price tag.

Waianae, Hawaii

Often considered one of the most expensive states to live in, island lovers will be relieved to find that they can own a piece of paradise at a median price of $364,000. While it may not be Waikiki, Waianae is another Hawaiian town that offers beachfront properties.

The town is also incredible quaint and is a favorite among families with small children. You'll enjoy the perfect blend of suburban living and Hawaiian culture at a bargain. What's better than that?

Knowing Where to Find the Cheapest Beachfront Property

Whether you are looking to relocate or simply to make a smart investment that you can convert into a vacation rental, knowing where to find the cheapest beachfront property is vital.

Not only do you want a beautiful location, but you'll also want to find a home that's in a safe, eccentric, and diverse location. The great news is, it exists, and the more you research the more options you'll find.

We suggest reading our blogs for more insight on beachfront options and how to get your money's worth on your home with a view.

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