Just ask the more than 32,000 people who call Myrtle beach home. There's no greater place to live than the Grand Strand.

Whether you're looking to live by the coast full-time or simply want a vacation home you can rent out when you're not there, buying a condo at the beach is a great idea. From the luxe to the modest, there is a range of condos available to suit any lifestyle and need. 

Need another reason to make the move?

When you invest in a Myrtle Beach property, you can rest assured you'll never run out of things to do or places to visit. This improves your rental income potential and ensures you might be relaxed, excited and inspired by your surroundings, but you'll never be bored.

Today, we're sharing 17 reasons why it's time to buy a condo in Myrtle Beach. Ready to learn more? Let's explore all this bustling coastal city has to offer. 

buying a condo

1. Access to the State's Best Beaches

Walking out your front door and getting your toes in the sand within minutes is the ideal dream. With Myrtle Beach condo living, it can be your reality.

The region boasts 60 miles of stunning beaches, so you have quick access to water sports, sunbathing, sandcastle building and much more.

The shoreline is divided into myriad residential and recreational areas, including Litchfield, Garden City, and North Myrtle Beach. Each offers its own share of dining and entertainment options.

beach in Myrtle Beach SC

2. Golf Anytime You Want

Another one of Myrtle's nicknames is The Golf Capital of the World and for good reason. If you love to hit the links, you'll appreciate the areas more than 100 golf courses. 

Created by some of the sport's top designers, these courses appeal to any player, at any level. If you own a condo in the area, you may consider joining a golf club so you can practice your swing while you catch up with friends.

Myrtle Beach Golf

3. Dining at Top-Tier Restaurants

Living within walking distance to some of the area's best restaurants is a bragging right that not many can claim. With a Myrtle Beach condo, you'll be steps away from your pick of dining options.

Whether you're in the mood for a fine dining experience, such as one offered by The Library, or you prefer the more casual family feel of Nacho Hippo Cantina, you'll have your pick from a slew of options. 

Myrtle Beach restaurants

4. The Region's Top Entertainment Venues

A major draw to the area is its array of entertainment shows and venues. From the astonishing Pirate's Voyage dinner show to Medieval Times, the Carolina Opry or the Alabama Theatre, there is something new on the calendar every week. 

This means year-round, you can provide renters with a list of performances to catch!

5. Temperate Weather All Year Long

Buying a condo in the heart of the mountains might sound like a great idea, but when it's blistering cold out with biting winds, it may be hard to convince anyone to check your place out. 

Conversely, buying in Myrtle gives you a front-row seat to its mild, sunny weather that allows you to enjoy your favorite outdoor activities any time of the year.

A look at the area's average temperatures by month reveals that even in the heart of winter, you can still expect highs in the mid-50s!

Averages Temperatures in Myrtle beach SC

6. Excellent Employment Opportunities

Maybe you're considering moving to the area for an existing job. Or, perhaps you're in the market to make a career change and you want to start the search at the coast.

Regardless, you're likely to find what you're looking for at Myrtle Beach. While tourism is a top industry and offers positions in hospitality and management, you can also find openings in construction, technology, customer service and more.

This opportunity is reflected in the fact that this region's unemployment rate is below the national average. 

7. An Affordable, Attractive Option

While buying a vacation home can have its pros, there are an equal number of reasons why investing in smaller-scale living just makes sense. When it comes to considering a condo vs house, think about what you prioritize.

Are you willing to lose a little square footage to have greater access to amenities, nightlife, and entertainment? Are you ready to shed the responsibility of yard work and gain a sense of community?

If so, the pros and cons of buying a condo just became a little more clear. While you may have to deal with HOA fees and neighborhood restrictions in some areas, the cost savings and other benefits you'll reap make it a simple decision. 

Affordable Beach House

8. Robust Educational Opportunities

Whether you're looking for K-12 grade schools for your children or are interested in higher education yourself, you'll have access to top-graded educational facilities.

From public schools to universities and technical colleges, there are myriad programs within the Horry County academic system designed to fit the need of every scholar. 

Myrtle Beach schools

9. Plenty of Sports to Play and Cheer For

Because Myrtle Beach has such a great climate, there are plenty of sports to participate in throughout the year. Whether you're looking for a little league baseball team or are interested in joining an adult basketball league, finding a place to play is easy. 

Facilities such as the North Myrtle Beach Park and Sports Complex and Myrtle Beach Sports Center offer visitors the chance to participate in athletics, root for their favorite local teams and break a healthy sweat all at the same time. 

Myrtle Beach Sports

10. Great Shopping Spots

One of the many things that visitors and local residents enjoy doing in the area is hitting the pavement to find some great retail deals.

Thanks to establishments including Barefoot Landing, Broadway at the Beach and the Tanger Outlets, one can easily spend an entire afternoon or more browsing the racks.

If walking around an outdoor pavilion with a frozen lemonade in one hand and a bag of goodies in another sounds like your perfect day, you're headed in the right direction. 

Shopping in Myrtle Beach

11. Incredible Rental Potential

Myrtle Beach boasts around 18 million visitors each year. If you own a condo in the area, you can almost guarantee that eyes will be on your property and you'll have the opportunity to rent it out if that's your desired option.

By partnering with the right real estate team, you'll have access to the most coveted properties in the area. This income can help offset some of the costs of ownership and help you boost the ROI of your investment.

Myrtle Beach beach house rental income

12. Excellent Healthcare Options

One of the most important factors when deciding where to live is access to great, affordable healthcare. This is an area where Myrtle Beach delivers.

The area includes some of the best large-scale health systems, clinics, and hospitals in the state.

Some standouts include the Grand Strand Regional Medical Center, Georgetown Hospital System, Conway Medical Center, and the Loris Healthcare System. 

From retirement and nursing homes to urgent care and rehabilitation options, you're covered and in great hands. 

Grand Strand Hospital Myrtle Beach

13. Community Places to Plug Into

Do you look forward to meeting new people, helping others and participating in community-wide events? If so, Myrtle has plenty to offer in this realm, as well.

You can take your pick from multiple religious organizations, professional associations, sports leagues, service groups and more to help you plug in and find your niche. 

If helping out a non-profit or charity organization is one of your passions, you can look into the region's non-profit directory to find one that aligns with your interests. From animal welfare to after-school tutoring, there are plenty of places to lend a hand.

Myrtle beach Non Profit Pinball Musuem

14. An Evergreen Tourist Destination

The short story? Myrtle Beach isn't going anywhere. This is a coastal hotspot and mainstay and has been since it was developed more than a century ago. As proof, it's recognized as the second fastest-growing metropolitan locale in the entire country.

This means you'll never have to worry about your condo becoming obsolete. 

When it comes to the pros and cons of condos, one point to keep in mind is that to maximize your rental income, you'll need to be in a place that people actually want to visit. In this sense, there's no smarter place to invest than on this particular piece of coastline.

Until impeccable dining, great shopping and unmatched outdoor activities become unpopular, you'll never have to worry about making the wrong decision.

Need an example of this growth we're talking about? Just take a look at the impressive rise of Market Commons, an Air Force base turned residential, retail and entertainment hotspot that continues to show impressive development. 

Welcome to Myrtle Beach

15. A Festival Around Every Corner

If you love a good celebration, you'll love owning a condo at Myrtle Beach. This is one city that truly knows how to throw a great party and finds any reason possible to make merry.

Looking for something fun to do on any given weekend? Check the local calendar for the beach and its surrounding regions. Chances are, you'll find something up your alley.

From the springtime Blue Crab Festival in nearby Little River, SC to Mayfest on Main in North Myrtle and the Beach Boogie and BBQ Festival, the only hard part is deciding how to plan around these must-see community events. 

Myrtle Beach Festivals and Shows

16. A Great Nightlife Scene

Of course, if you have your own place in the area, you can retire back to it, kick up your feet and call it a night at any time. Yet, if you enjoy staying out and enjoying the nightlife, you're in the right spot.

Myrtle Beach is packed with establishments that keep their doors open past closing time, beckoning you to come in, enjoy some live music, grab a drink and catch up with your friends before turning in.

From jazz clubs to honky-tonks, there's a spot to match any preference.

Take in a show at the Bowery, sip a Mai Tai at Malibu's Surf Bar or indulge your funny bone at the Comedy Cabana. Better yet, bring a few friends along and show them how the beach comes alive after dark. 

Myrtle Beach Nightlife

17. Lower Cost of Living

You might think that living in the heartbeat of the coast would come with a hefty price tag.

Yet, you may be surprised to find that Myrtle Beach actually has a lower cost of living than you might imagine. In fact, it's 7% lower than the national average.

What does this mean for you?

It gives you access to the region's best amenities while still allowing you to go to work, pay your bills, and enjoy your free time without stressing over breaking the bank.

Low cost of Living in Myrtle Beach

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